Canon C300 - La balle rouge


The last couple of weeks I've been working on a little film for the Canadian launch of the Canon C 300. We wanted to show the camera in different shooting environments, with different ISO's and highlighting the use of a variety of EOS lenses. We ended up using a thread with the red ball.

We shot it in Canon log, and It was edited on FCP 7, media managed and ingested into the Davinci Resolve suite at Post Producers Digital in Toronto. Graded and output to HDcam. Composer Jordan O'Connor whipped up a beautiful score in a couple of days, and had lots for help from some of my regular crew, as well as a talented young rhythmic gymnast, and one of our women's national soccer team members. There's also nothing like telling one of your grips he would make a great drifter. Dave played along, got into the role, and was brilliant. There are a lot of closet actors behind the scenes.

We had a short turnaround from concept to final output. We showed it in Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal. It looked great from Blu Ray on 46" LCD's in the trade show area, to the DCP output we did for the theatres. I was blown away how great it projected at the TIFF Lightbox theatre in Toronto.

It was a lot of fun travelling across the country with the crew from Canon Canada, and being on the panel with Vincent Laforet and Alex Buono.

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